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    Why us

    Get Published this Summer!

    ACE Summer Camp presents a unique opportunity for your child to learn Public Speaking, Creative Writing and also to Get Published as an Author!

    Summer holidays are a blessing. It is the right time to engage in activities which can enhance your child's communication skills & personality.

    Grab this opportunity now!

    Fun & Engaging Projects

    Children will participate in various engaging activities, project work & final presentation to ACE their Public Speaking & Creative Writing skills.

    Passionate teachers

    Faculty with 15+ years of Teaching-Learning experience, Cambridge TKT & TESOL certification.

    Learn from Home

    Learners will attend classes in the safety and comfort of their homes. No hassle of going out, no pick up and drop required.


    Public Speaking

    Master the Public Speaking skill through our highly engaging sessions.

    Spark Their Creativity

    This summer camp will ignite your child’s creativity. He/she would be able to think uniquely and hone their problem-solving abilities. As a group they will work together to understand global issues and bring innovative solution individually.

    Activate Critical Thinking Mindset

    Varied range of topics will give your child multiple opportunities to put into action his/her logical thinking. Through this they would be able to think critically about any problem and solve it rationally.

    Develop Articulation Skills

    The choice of vocabulary and phrases are crucial when we must convey our thoughts and ideas to the audience. Both appropriacy of meaning and context as well as keeping in mind our audience’s requirements. Our mentors would equip your child with few techniques which will ensure better articulation of thoughts.

    Assertive Body Language Techniques

    Through our unique summer camp program, we intend to boost your child’s confidence by improving his/her overall personality. Correct postures, appropriate hand gestures, process of maintaining eye contact would be taught to the learners.

    Art of Persuasive Oratory Skills

    For any speaker to be famous, it is important to connect with the audience. In this Summer Camp, learners would the art of persuasion by using accurate and appropriate vocabulary and phrases.

    Eloquent Video Presentation Skills

    In the 21st century, video making is indispensable for any public speaker. It needs a different set of Voice Modulation, Content and Body language. The ACE Clan Summer Camp would equip your child to present videos confidently and effectively.


    Creative Writing

    Master the Creative Writing skill through our highly engaging sessions.

    Vivid Imagination

    Creating stories needs imagination. In our Summer Camp, your child would have the opportunity to explore his/her imagination stemming from past experiences and knowledge. The learners would be able to weave their stories with authentic visions.

    Spark Creativity

    Stories can have different perspectives. In the ACE Clan’s Summer Camp students would be encouraged to think about various characters of their stories, give them specific characteristics etc. The story that they create would be rewritten in multiple drafts to ensure creative quality of their work.

    Develop Social Quotient (SQ) and Emotional Quotient (IQ)

    Stories are not just stories, but they are the true reflection of life. With this understanding, learners would be encouraged to navigate through different character’s perspectives, their social engagement within the plot. This would inculcate a deep sense of empathy in young learners for the people around them in real life as well.

    Rational Problem-Solving Skills

    Developing a plot line is quite tricky. It is usually not a straight sequence of events. The learners would be trained to create interesting problems and slowly paving way to the solutions with ups and downs in the plot line.

    Elegant Writing Skills

    Stories are never created in the first draft. Your child would be introduced to different styles of writing to bring out emotions such as vulnerability, pity, empathy, joy etc. The summer camp would equip him/her to sharpen the writing skills and make a compelling, interesting story.

    Engaging Storyteller

    Writing a story as a storyteller is when you know how to ignite the emotions in your audience. Connecting with them through voice modulation, eye contact, body language is all that matters. As a storyteller your child would be able a present his/her own story confidently in this Summer Camp.


    Get Published!

    The ACE Clan has brought a unique opportunity this Summer 2023. You child can become a published author. There is no better moment in parents’ life when their children surpass their expectation of excellence. This can be that moment. Not only would your child learn how to write an intriguing story, deliver an inspiring speech but can actually become a recognized author.

    Online Camp Schedule & Fees


    Public Speaking

    Improve your Public Speaking skills in fun-filled online classes with the ACE Clan.
    Batch begins: 22nd May 2023.


    Creative Writing

    Improve your Creative Writing skills in fun-filled online classes with the ACE Clan.
    Batch begins: 23rd May 2023.


    Combo Course

    Get 10 sessions of Public Speaking & Creative Writing workshop at a discounted price.
    Batch begins: 22nd May 2023